January 22, 2016

Hello from the Snowmageddon

Yes, I did write that title while singing Adele. And speaking of snow and Adele, have you seen this awesome video yet?

We are on our third snow day in a row, so 'hello' to a five day weekend! We're in the middle of what most have called a  'snowmageddon'. Here are some pictures from the warmth of inside my house.

We have our 100th day of school coming soon, and I can't begin to describe how excited I am! I taught in the intermediate hallway last year and didn't recognize the day at all. Needless to say, I. Am. Ready. Just picked up these shirts for my team. {Maybe you can hear my excitement through the computer}

My teammate (Mrs. Bright) and a first grade teacher came up with the idea to fill our hallway with 100 balloons. It would be very similar to First Grade O.W.L.s post. {check that out here} How do you celebrate the 100th day? I would love to hear your ideas or activities!

Another one of my favorite things from these snow days has been all the internet fun I've been able to have. Don't get me wrong, I hate when people are glued to their screens. But two things have just kept me on this laptop!
The first is DonorsChoose. I started my first project and after one day it was half way funded! Check it out here!
The second is the newest Facebook group I've joined created by Angie Olsen.  SO. MANY. ideas are being shared between hundreds of second grade teachers. If you teach second grade and want the details, message me! I would love to point you there!

About to go back to eating and laying on the couch {just being honest}. Share what you love to do on your snow days! Maybe that will be motivation to get up and do something fun!