September 1, 2016

Want to Win?

I love a good giveaway. Like, really love. It's just exciting to think that I could win something. And who doesn't like a great TpT gift card?? Well, Kinder Teamwork reached 1,000 followers *holy moly* and is having a great giveaway! Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chances to win!

The giveaway ends Sunday at midnight, so spread the word quickly and rack up your chances!

June 8, 2016

Ballin' on a Budget

Raise your hand if you hate spending money at the grocery. ME! It's just one of those things that I hate to do! Why? No clue. I just do!
I have shared with people how I save money while keeping within a budget, and I thought I would pass some tips over to you, too! By no means am I an expert, and I am not getting paid to share this. But, it has helped us save a little money on the side and who doesn't like that??

To start, I mainly use two awesome apps. The first is Ibotta, and the second is the Walmart app (yep, love it). Now before you go and quickly download each of these, stay with me! I give you some steps at the end to help you easily earn money from the start. So in this instance, patience is key :)

I always start with Ibotta. I'll give you some visuals to help guide you through my thinking process. This app gives you rebates for things you buy. Best part? Some are not brand specific. Now, most are. If you stay on top of it (it only takes 2 minutes every few days) you will easily be able to plan your trips. Here's how:

You first open the app you will be prompted to select what type of shopping you are doing. There are so many options! For our purposes, we'll stick with grocery shopping. Once you click on Grocery, you will pick where you want to shop. Now keep in mind, many rebates apply at multiple stores. Walmart has the most, and I will show you later on why I chose Walmart, too. Next, you will be able to view all the rebates, sorted by category. And all the Type A's said AMEN!

I make sure I go through and 'unlock' each rebate before I head to the store. It helps me see what brands I should look for, and what I could potentially get now that I may need later (because I'm getting money back). Unlocking means you may read something (let's be real, I don't read it thoroughly), or watch a 30 second video. It's super easy! I do it before I leave so I am in and out, and I don't waste time. 

See that 'Verify Purchases' bubble? That means you will need to scan the barcodes of your items to make sure it matches the rebates. I do it while I shop! Some people check out and take their stuff home and scan. It's up to you! 

Your last step will be to scan your receipt, or take a picture of your receipt. And you're done! 
It seems like a lot of steps, but once you do it once you'll be hooked. I use it ALL the time. The best part? You can earn bonuses through various ways that Ibotta posts, or from certain brands. You can also team up with others to earn rebates for shopping, which is what you are already doing. I'm telling you, it's awesome. 

When you want to cash out, you have tons of options. Anything from sending it to Paypal to getting Starbucks, Regal Movie Theatre, Walmart, iTunes, and Express giftcards. My husband goes to the movies weekly with his friends, so I feel so much more comfortable knowing I can save for something fun and we don't have to break the bank.

I don't always use Walmart, but usually I do. Why? Because of the Walmart Savings Catcher. That's the next app you need. Anytime you shop at Walmart, you can scan your receipt and they will pay you the difference if your stuff is cheaper in another store. First, open the app and find Savings Catcher.

Next, all you have to do it scan your receipt and they will let you know (usually within 3 days) if they found a difference. If they do, BOOM. More money!

Okay, so how can you start out with easy money? Well, Ibotta has a great deal. If you use a referral link and use just one rebate, you get $10! Here is my referral link if you would want to join! You can also download the app and type in my referral code: rbqwtek

So easy, you have to try it. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email me or comment below. Now let's save some money!

May 31, 2016

Winner Wednesday: Area & Perimeter

It's Winner Wednesday again! Today I am linking up with Sara J. Creations and A Dab of Glue will Do again to give away a product from my store to a lucky winner. This month I will focusing on my Area & Perimeter task card set.

These task cards are aligned to Common Core Standards and they are an excellent way for any third or fourth grader to review area and perimeter. Plus, task cards are FUN! Use these for whole group review, centers, small groups, etc. Endless opportunities!

Want it for free? Enter the Rafflecopter below! You can check out my store at Alicia Wittmer- Wittmer's Whimsies, my Facebook at Wittmer's Whimsies, and my Instagram @wittmerswhimsies. Thanks for stopping by! Leave some love below in the form of a comment. I love to hear from you!

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May 3, 2016

Winner Wednesday: Money Bundle

I am SO excited to be linking up with Sara J. Creations and A Dab of Glue will Do for Winner Wednesday! Being fairly new to blogging means I get overly excited about some of the little things. This month I will be giving away my new Money Bundle (who DOESN'T love a great bundle??) to one lucky winner! Stay tuned for your change to win.

I love this unit. And for many reason!

1. Second grade is SO much fun. But, this unit can be used for more than 2nd grade! What kid doesn't like money? The excitement and engagement is like no other unit you can teach in math. On top of the fact that money is exciting, there are many hands-on ways to make your class fun!

2. There are a variety of activities. From scoots to BINGO games to interactive notebook pages, you get a bang for your buck. One of my class' favorite games is BINGO. The BINGO pack in this bundle includes 20 pre-made boards, plus a make-your-own board option. We had a BLAST! The students took ownership of the game and rocked out their coin counting!

3. I intend for this bundle to be a growing bundle. That means: when you buy it once, you can re-download the bundle forever for free! If I add more things, you get the updates at no extra cost. Ca-CHING!

4. There are three scoots for any level of learner. My students LOVED progressing through these activities that get you up and moving. They were able to move at their own pace without feeling the pressure. 

5. This bundle includes an introductory slideshow for you to use as you start teaching money. *bonus*

Want this bundle for free? Enter the Rafflecopter below! You can check out my store at Alicia Wittmer- Wittmer's Whimsies, my Facebook at Wittmer's Whimsies, and my Instagram @wittmerswhimsies. Thanks for stopping by! Leave some love below in the form of a comment. I love to hear from you!

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January 22, 2016

Hello from the Snowmageddon

Yes, I did write that title while singing Adele. And speaking of snow and Adele, have you seen this awesome video yet?

We are on our third snow day in a row, so 'hello' to a five day weekend! We're in the middle of what most have called a  'snowmageddon'. Here are some pictures from the warmth of inside my house.

We have our 100th day of school coming soon, and I can't begin to describe how excited I am! I taught in the intermediate hallway last year and didn't recognize the day at all. Needless to say, I. Am. Ready. Just picked up these shirts for my team. {Maybe you can hear my excitement through the computer}

My teammate (Mrs. Bright) and a first grade teacher came up with the idea to fill our hallway with 100 balloons. It would be very similar to First Grade O.W.L.s post. {check that out here} How do you celebrate the 100th day? I would love to hear your ideas or activities!

Another one of my favorite things from these snow days has been all the internet fun I've been able to have. Don't get me wrong, I hate when people are glued to their screens. But two things have just kept me on this laptop!
The first is DonorsChoose. I started my first project and after one day it was half way funded! Check it out here!
The second is the newest Facebook group I've joined created by Angie Olsen.  SO. MANY. ideas are being shared between hundreds of second grade teachers. If you teach second grade and want the details, message me! I would love to point you there!

About to go back to eating and laying on the couch {just being honest}. Share what you love to do on your snow days! Maybe that will be motivation to get up and do something fun!

October 22, 2015

Take a Second to Peek into 2nd- October!

I'm so excited! It's another post for the Take a Peek into 2nd series this school year. {Again, big thanks to Katie at Pop into Primary for starting this!} Know what I'm so excited about October? Because this is MY month!

I'm a very young teacher, and I have to say that I love my job! Last year I taught third grade, and in August I started with my sweet second graders. We have such a fun time!
I did not always live in Bowling Green. I grew up in Northern Kentucky about 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Go Reds! I went to Western Kentucky University where I majored in elementary education. I'm an Alpha Delta Pi through and through, and I currently advise for my chapter.
I met my wonderful husband my first week at WKU and we were just married in December. He's a minister in town and we just love the married life!

For the next two days I'm pumped to have my rounding bundle for sale! This is a growing bundle, which means I plan to update it periodically with new sets. The best part is that when you buy it once, you never have to pay again! So hurry over and get this set now!

I have a Facebook page, Instagram, and you can always email me!

Please leave some love below. I would love to hear all about you, too!

September 25, 2015

Take a Second to Peek into 2nd!

This is the first post in a series throughout the school year where you will be able to meet some awesome second grade teacher-authors! Huge thanks to Katie at Pop into Primary for arranging this whole thing! I'm so excited!

This week, take a second to meet Jackie from Neat, Sweet & Hard to Beat!

 This is what Jackie shared about herself:
"I have been teaching for over 5 years in Fairfax County, Virginia!  I was born and raised here and attending FCPS schools myself.  Most of my experience is in the primary grades but I will admit teaching 2nd grade is my favorite!  I love teaching and creating engaging lessons is my passion.  I believe that learning should be hands-on, meaningful, engaging, and collaborative! We can't learn alone, we learn the most when we work with others! Believe me, my classroom sure isn't the quietest one on the hall because we are constantly up moving, learning and interacting!

Outside of school I am a wife to a wonderful guy and a mom to our new baby girl born in May of 2015! I love working out, spending time outside, and being with my family.

I got the name for my blog because it is teachers that are neat, sweet and hard to beat! Teachers make this world go round! Teachers are the most caring, creative and kind people I know!"
She has also put her This or That Cards on sale until Sunday! You can click the cover photo to head to her store, as well.

Check back every 22nd {we had some technical difficulties this month, oops!} to meet another amazing second grade teacher! I heard the October teacher is pretty cool :)