October 22, 2015

Take a Second to Peek into 2nd- October!

I'm so excited! It's another post for the Take a Peek into 2nd series this school year. {Again, big thanks to Katie at Pop into Primary for starting this!} Know what I'm so excited about October? Because this is MY month!

I'm a very young teacher, and I have to say that I love my job! Last year I taught third grade, and in August I started with my sweet second graders. We have such a fun time!
I did not always live in Bowling Green. I grew up in Northern Kentucky about 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Go Reds! I went to Western Kentucky University where I majored in elementary education. I'm an Alpha Delta Pi through and through, and I currently advise for my chapter.
I met my wonderful husband my first week at WKU and we were just married in December. He's a minister in town and we just love the married life!

For the next two days I'm pumped to have my rounding bundle for sale! This is a growing bundle, which means I plan to update it periodically with new sets. The best part is that when you buy it once, you never have to pay again! So hurry over and get this set now!

I have a Facebook page, Instagram, and you can always email me!

Please leave some love below. I would love to hear all about you, too!

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