September 5, 2015

It's September, what??

I have to start this by saying I am sitting on my couch, watching TV, and not worrying about a thing. The past two months have been crazy! And I'm sure of that because I haven't blogged since July 13th, eeeek!

To start, I have to jump for joy because my husband and I are currently living in a house. Yes, A HOUSE! We had been homeless from May until the beginning of August {many thanks to a pastor's family who let us live in a spare bedroom} and we are FINALLY living in our first home! Needless, we don't officially own the home {thanks, bank}, but we are so grateful for God's timing and allowing us to still move in. Here's our new abode!

This is before we did a COMPLETE overhaul. Our yard looks so different taken care of!

The house was a little under-par dirty when we moved in, and we have done so much work. Every wall repainted, hardwood completely re-stained (which is the whole house), all new fixtures, etc. Doing this at the same time as school starting has made me simply exhausted! But, I love it. However, it has forced me to neglect my blog, Instagram, and Facbeook! So, those are going to be put on the front lines now!

For now, you'll have to wait for classroom pictures. Trust me, I'm eager because I'm really proud of how it looks! But look at this treasure that was passed down to me from my mentor teacher. A life size Jack and Annie! I snapped this pic this summer while I was trying to get everything set up. How to be a FRIEND signs are from Digital Divide and Conquer.

A quick snapshot of our class, we have been learning about comparing numbers in math. As we are trying to drill home place value, we are also having fun with some games! The kids always love to write on their desks, so we partnered up and tried to quiz each other. You can use an Expo marker on a desk and Clorox wipes take it right off.

This week in reading we focused on Author's Purpose. We made these cute paper pies to study with! I prepped all the 'pies' by putting a brass fastener through two paper plates (use a pen to stick a quick hole through first) and then cut the top plate into fourths. We put 'Author's Purpose' on one flap, and P, I, and E on the remaining. Under each flap they named the purpose and wrote what it means. Afterward, they could color the top to look like their favorite pie! I wonder what kind of pie this was?

It's a three day weekend, so I think I will sit on my couch for a while long and watch the Jurassic Park marathon. What have you been up to in your classroom? Post the link below, I would love to find out!

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