September 13, 2015

The Sunday Scoop {9.13.15}

Happy Sunday! It's definitely my favorite day of the week. This week I am linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop.

3 things I have to do...
  • I haven't finished a few of my plans for next week {EEK}. I was so proud of finishing my reading plans quickly, that I scooted on home on Friday. I need to finish those math and science plans!
  • I like to have a general idea of meals for the week before it all starts. My husband and I are super busy most of the time, so really an idea of meals means "When are we going to be home?"
  • In college, I majored in sorority life elementary education. My sorority was a HUGE part of my life for those four years, and it continues to be! I was Chapter President my senior year and fell in love with the impact a sorority can have in each of it's members. I recently started advising for the same chapter I was a member of, and it's great! We have a board meeting tonight so I will be heading out soon for that. 
2 things I hope to do...
  • I am making my way through the study Seamless. It's a bible study that tells the story of the gospel and puts it all together. A lot of people know individual stories of the Bible, but do you know how they all fit into the big picture? Angie Smith does an excellent job of putting it all together to understand. I first heard Angie speak on a small devotional CD I keep in my car. She is so funny and so encouraging at the same time. PLUS, she's coming to my church in November! I am PUMPED! If you want to get your own copy of Seamless (and I suggest you do) check out her website here.
  • It's Sunday, the week is about to start, my mind is in a million places, but all I want to do is lay on the couch! So, I hope that I can get some TV time to myself for just a little while today.
1 thing I'm happy to do...
  •  My husband is the college pastor at a fairly large church in town. Western Kentucky University is right down the street, so we are ALWAYS with college students. At first, I wasn't excited to spend so much time with people that are in a chapter of life that I've closed. However, God has really slapped me in the face. I love it! People are always playing Mario Kart in our living room or coming over for some free food (because, seriously, who didn't love free food in college? Especially homemade). I'm so happy to do life with them and show them what it is like to leave college and still be involved in the lives of others.

So that's my Sunday Scoop! What is your scoop? Link up and leave some comments below so I can read your scoop!

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